Bob Matheson, Bob's Pharmacy

Bob Matheson (Bob's Pharmacy) Tignish, PE, Canada

Pharmacy Details

Pharmacy Name: Bob's Pharmacy
Category: Pharmacies
Contact Name: Bob Matheson
Position: Owner
Location: 248 Phillips St, Tignish, PE, C0B 2B0, Canada
Telephone: 902-882-2580
Fax: 902-882-2585
Approximate Revenue: $500,000 to $1 million
Number of Employees: 1 to 4

Looking for the pharmacy, drug store in Tignish, PE? Feel free to contact Bob's Pharmacy by phone at 902-882-2580 to get working hours, ask about the prices and services they provide, ask about medicines, pills and any other products they sell. Bob's Pharmacy located in 248 Phillips St, Tignish, PE, C0B 2B0, Canada. Bob's Pharmacy categorized under Pharmacies.

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