Tom Maher, Drug Store Pharmacy

Tom Maher (Drug Store Pharmacy) Hubbards, NS, Canada

Pharmacy Details

Pharmacy Name: Drug Store Pharmacy
Category: Pharmacies
Contact Name: Tom Maher
Position: Manager
Location: Route 3 # 100, Hubbards, NS, B0J 1T0, Canada
Telephone: 902-857-9707
Fax: 902-857-1405
Approximate Revenue: $500,000 to $1 million
Number of Employees: 1 to 4

Looking for the pharmacy, drug store in Hubbards, NS? Feel free to contact Drug Store Pharmacy by phone at 902-857-9707 to get working hours, ask about the prices and services they provide, ask about medicines, pills and any other products they sell. Drug Store Pharmacy located in Route 3 # 100, Hubbards, NS, B0J 1T0, Canada. Drug Store Pharmacy categorized under Pharmacies.

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